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ERP Software, ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Software

ERP System can transform your business and how an Enterprise Resource Planning Software actually works. We will explore through this article why every businesses thinks that implementing ERP is a must.


Enterprise Resource Planning Companies are more likely to deploy a full service suite of ERP technology. ERP modules are available to automate processes that broadly are:

  • Financial management: Gives control over your assets, cash flow, and accounting.
  • Supply chain and operations management: Streamline your purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and sales order processing.
  • Customer relationship management: Improve customer service, and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Project management: Get what you need to deliver work on time and on budget with better billing and project monitoring.
  • Human resources management: Get help attracting and retaining good employees with tools to help hire, manage, and pay your team.
  • Business intelligence: Make smart decisions with easy-to-use reporting, analysis, and business intelligence tools. Minimise manufacturing cost and increase of resource utilisation
  • Manufacturing: cuts on production bottlenecks, makes on-time delivery and enhances visibility in operation control.
  • Distribution: improves distribution channel performances with quick decisions on purchasing, real-time visibility of supply chain and products, and ability to monitor market and different geographies.

ERP advances Business Value

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions fundamentally support employees to perform more efficiently by centralizing information and removing barriers between business units and departments. By giving real time view ERP expedites business decision and businesses can proactively address issues and even drive improvements. So what Benefits do businesses get from Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

  • Efficiency: Removes repetitive processes and reduces manual entry of information. Business processes are therefore streamlined and efficient as they work on information from common source.
  • Integrated Information: Data is consistent and updated in a centralized location unlike when distributed data is in a number of separate databases.
  • Reporting: Reporting is easier and customizable with improved reporting capabilities allowing you to respond to complex problems. Users can also run their own reports.
  • Customer Service: Enhances high-quality customer service as improves customer interaction by faster, more accurate access to customers’ information and history.
  • It improves the accuracy, consistency and security of data. Restrictions to data can also be enhanced.
  • Decision making: It is in consonance with business strategy and goals because you get company-wide view with integrated and shared data.
  • Profitability: Streaming of routine process give management and staff more time to focus business growth and strategy.
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